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Supervivientes (Spanish version of Survivor) is a reality show co-produced by Mediaset and Bulldog TV. The show is one of the most seen programs in Spain nowadays and achieves high viewer ratings. A reality show is a hybrid program in which reality turns into a television spectacle. In Spain, Supervivientes had aired in Telecinco in 2000. In Europe, television was mainly created as a public service, but there were some channels, as Telecinco, that were born as commercial services. The media was created in 1989 by the Italian media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi and two Spanish partners, Anaya and ONCE.

Supervivientes is co-produced between Honduras and Spain. In the reality show, approximately fifteen contestants have to survive in a desert island during three months. There is a huge team distributed in Spain and Honduras that works coordinately in every emission of the program, but this complex process it is unknown for the audience. That is why this investigation resolves plethora of questions about the show: How is the process to set it up? What are the duties of the professionals that work in the program? The audiovisual content Behind the Lens: The Making of Supervivientes answers all these questions. It includes interviews with the professional team of the show and exposes the scenarios and work schedules of Supervivientes.


Behind the Lens: The Making of Supervivientes was developed as the Final Thesis of the Bachelor's Degree in Journalism that Sandra earned at the University of Valladolid (Spain). 

This project is confidential, as requested by some of their participants. If you are interested on watching the whole piece and not only the trailer, do not hesitate to reach out. 

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